Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Nose Hill Park
Welcome to the group six blog on the grasslands of Nose Hill Park. Our main focus here will be to explore the influence that we as human beings have had on the park itself as an ecosystem.
As to be expected , public use of this natural park has had varying influences on its inhabitants both plants and animals. Over the years of being used publicly the park has undergone some noticeable changes. What once used to be an animal and plant sanctuary has not turned into a jogging and hiking location for those that live around it. Plant life and animals alike have made way for pathways and a man made pond. Due to the constant traffic of humans that flows through the park many of the plant life has been damaged severely. The pathways created for the ease of human travel have caused the death of grasses along the paths. Litter , which is not a major problem at the park but still an issue makes it that much harder for the growth of natural organisms.
The allowance of dogs in the park has caused mayor problems pertaining to the animal life. These dogs which are of leash in the are terrorize and kill the animal life in the area which causes them to stay away form the feeding areas used by humans. This intern affects the grasslands as no animals graze.

This has been meant to inform the public about the need to respect out natural parks.

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